Gulmarg, the meadow of flowers, can rightly be called the crown of Kashmir. An ideal picnic spot, Gulmarg is always fun to visit. Taking its pride of place is the Gulmarg Gondola, which is Asia's largest cable car project. Adorned with many spectacles of nature, Gulmarg receives visitors with open arms. As winterapproaches, Gulmarg converts into an idyllic skiing resort. Apparwath, Kongdori and Shark Fin, which offer good opportunity for powder skiing are some important tourist places in Gulmarg. The sacred shrine of Baba Reshi is another attraction in Gulmarg and is also an important part of Jammu & Kashmir tourism.

Tourist Attraction
Gulmarg Gondola
Asia's largest and highest cable car project lead to Kongdori Mountain perched at an altitude of 3099.6 meters from the resort situated in Gulmarg. A bowl shaped area, it is known for its abundant opportunities for enjoyable sessions of powder skiing and snowboarding. As a popular destination for skiing, Kongdori has earned fame as one of the best Gulmarg tourist places to visit. A lofty mountain that adjoins Apharwat peak, Kongdori can rightly be called the skier's paradise.
Jammu & Kashmir tourism department credit Kongdori for catching the eyes of travel enthusiasts. Rendering a perfect blend of adventure and recreation, Kongdori is a little paradise in its own right.

Gulmarg Golf Course

Sprawling 7,505 yards, the Gulmarg Golf Club is a clear indication of how Golf has become a way of life in Gulmarg. Reckoned to be the longest course in India, the Gulmarg Golf Club is a feather to the cap of Jammu & Kashmir tourism. Golfing at the 18-hole Gulmarg Golf course is truly an enthralling experience earning it the pride of being one of the best tourist places to visit in Gulmarg. Nestled amidst the spectacle of alpine mountains, fringed by rivulets, ponds and streams and adorned with multi-hued flowers, this eminent golf course is a delight for visitors and locals alike.
Gulmarg is reckoned as the finest bowl for powder skiing. Located on the backside of lofty Mount Apharwat, Shark Fin provides skiers the opportunity to rip apart the snow and sway through an immaculate steep slope. It is directly visible from the top of Apharwat mountain peak and thus has become quite popular Gulmarg tourist place to visit

The lofty Apparwath Mountain, glorifying the land of Gulmarg, is the longest ski slope in Asia. The soft snow bed, the alpenglow and the grand scale of resplendent beautycome to life at Gulmarg. It Apparwath not only rejoices with the onrush of scenery, but it celebrates the share of fame that nature has endowed on it. At an elevation of 3,980 m above sea level andaway from everyday drudgery, Apparwath instigates excitement and awe. The gleaming pride of Jammu & Kashmir and a skier's paradise, it is one of the best Gulmarg tourist places to visit . Pristine landscape, enthralling ambiance and the tinge of the impeccable beauty that Kashmir is famed for increases the importance of Apparwath.

Baba Reshi Shrine

The mausoleum of Baba Payamuddin (Pam Din) is dubbed as Baba Reshi. Located in Baramullah district in Rambodh Village, the shrine is revered highly by Muslims and Hindus alike. Anointed by Baba Zainuddin Rishi (disciple of Saint Nooruddin), Baba Reshi moved to Rambodh and performed miracles, helped people and preached Islam.
A Daan (fire place) was constructed by the saint in the village, which is reckoned to fulfill the wishes of people. The shrine of Baba Reshi has become a popular Gulmarg tourist place to visit and is thronged by visitors throughout the year. Jammu & Kashmir tourism department also recognizes this holy shrine as a vital attraction of the valley of Kashmir.